Every individual is brought into this world with a purpose. Some find it early in life, while others get their revelation later in their journey. We are all on a path to fulfill our destiny, and when one finds it each day in filled with greater excitement and satisfaction. The goal of Lighted Pathway Productions is to create stories with complex characters searching for their purpose and actively pursuing their dreams despite all odds. Whether comedy, drama, adventure, or inspirational the message will always remain the same: “The path of the righteous is like a shining light. It shines brighter each day.”


Lighted Pathway Productions is a full service film, television and music video production company established in 1996. In production our mission is to make dreams a reality and reality outstanding. We specialize in helping bring visions to life. From concept development through post production we are committed to delivering a final product that is exceptional and will withstand the test of time. Our mission is to make the creative process as rewarding as the end product.


Growing up in a single parent home like many African American children Donahue Tuitt was a latch key kid who found his inspiration in The Cosby Show. His affection for the show stirred up visions of what was possible in life despite growing up without a traditional family unit. Not only did television become an escape from reality, it was provided a vision for the future. Tuitt always knew he would work in television and film, but wasn’t sure how it would occur. His journey began as an actor during his senior year of college at the University of Maryland at College Park when he landed the lead role in an after school special on his very first audition. The film co-starred Eddie Steeples co-star of the NBC series “My Name is Earl” and from then Donahue gained additional confirmation that all things are truly possible. From there not only did the acting bug hit Donahue, he began writing feature films. Immediately after graduating from the University of Maryland he worked for a brief stint on Wall Street to make money to finance his dream of moving to Los Angeles and make movies. He moved to Hollywood in 1995 with a script and a dream. He continued to act in television, film and the theatre, preparing for his next big break, which came quickly. In 1997, Tuitt sold a television story to a CBS series that garnered 2 Emmy nominations. After the success of the episode winning one Emmy Donahue decided it was time to shoot his own independent film. His first project as Director/Writer/Producer was Marriage Prep, a film about 4 engaged couples going on a marriage retreat to work on their issues. The film was shot in 1999 over 10 days for only $30,000. It was financed by Donahue Tuitt and his aunt and dubbed the first faith based film before the genre became popular. Marriage Prep screened to sold out shows at the 2000 Hollywood Black Film Festival where audiences members willingly stood in the aisles for the project. According to the Daily Variety, “Tuitt’s film has an intimate feel. He has a knack for writing heart warming characters.”  The incredible success led to the film receiving the prestigious Audience Choice Award and receiving nationwide home video distribution with Blockbuster Video.

After the success of Marriage PrepDonahue began production on his next feature film Matchupsthe inspirational film about an All American college basketball player who loses his sight and becomes the first blind coach in college basketball history. Production began in 2001 and was put on pause while Donahue returned to New York during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Once he returned to Los Angeles Lighted Pathway resumed work on the film and it was completed in 2002. Despite the delay Matchups the buzz for the film was high and it secured distribution before its official screenings at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and Urbanworld Film Festival. Lighted Pathway Productions had a proven track record of delivering inspirational content, and gaining industry recognition for stellar screenwriting. Entertaining, fun and inspiring programming for the entire family was the brand, and audiences loved the product. For the next few years Lighted Pathway Productions was commissioned to serve as a third party production company to assist directors and producers re-write their screenplays, shoot their films, and navigate the tricky landscape of distribution in Hollywood.

Since 2006 Lighted Pathway Productions has been hired to produce a diverse array of content for clients such as Maverick EntertainmentAXE BodysprayBET, etc. Donahue has been brought on to serve as Producer for television, film, music videos and live events. In 2007, he received the prestigious Diversity Fellowship with the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) as one of the industries outstanding minority Producers. He produced Season 3 of the gospel music competition show “Sunday Best” for Black Entertainment Television which received the 2011 N.A.A.C.P. Image Award for Outstanding Production of the Reality Series. In addition, he has produced the television programs: The Family Crews, starring Terry Crews from Everybody Hates Chris and Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Almost Married.

Lighted Pathway Productions has amassed a catalogue of screenplays for feature films and television shows across all genres that are presently in various stages of development. In television there are two scripted dramas (Lifeline and  Hope’s House), three sitcoms (The Goodlife, 9 ‘Til, and Strip), and a music show (Highest Praise) in the last stages of development and or pre-production. Additionally, there are several films in development including a Buddy Comedy (Bacchanal) and a Romantic Comedy (The Love Moment).